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Gun Extension on Leopard 2A4 120mm L44 Gun to L55 Gun using Rotational Fiction Welding Process Technology


1) Acquired 2 new 120mm L44 guns barrels.
2) Cut one gun to length at 1.31 meters long. (or buy from European Armour Union Pte Ltd in Singapore)

3) Sand cast or forge a bell end on one end of the 1.31meters short barrel guns using the original remaining gun material. (Bell End provide ultimate Fit of Firing failure proof).



4) Clamp the new L44 gun barrel & the 1.31meters short barrel guns onto the chuck of the Rotational fiction welding machine.


5) Heat up L44 gun end & the bell end of the 1.31meters long gun with 2 piece removable top & bottom black smith oven with bottom tray filled with coal & blasted with gas & pure oxygen for 30 minutes till it reaches 2,500 degree.

6) Use infra-red temperature scanner to capture gun end temperature & remove the 2 piece top & bottom mobile oven.

7) Completed the joining process by rotating the 1.31 meters gun at high speed with full contact with the L44 gun, when both ends reach 3,200 degree stop the rotational chuck  & apply transverse compressive pressure between the 2 guns to forge weld it together.

8) The bell ends of the 1.31 meter guns will enlarge slightly due to the bulging joint  of the rotational fiction welding process which ultimately strengthen the gun joint diameter compressive forces use for high pressure firing (Bell end provide ultimate Fit of Firing failure proof).